Ahead of the Herd :)

Ahead of the Herd :)


Good morning Singapore

Good morning Singapore

Sunrise at Clementi, Singapore
This morning, when it was time for me to wake up from dreamland, I realised that our circuit breaker had tripped again with no way of flipping the affected switch up. The same thing happened a 1 month ago and we thought we had solved it. What a way to start a morning but I must that today’s sun is really beautiful and golden. Let’s look on the bright side of things, life is too short to be a worrier. YOLO. 🙂

Where the streets have no name

Photos from my street photography project. Where the streets have no name

I wish for a world that is not cold to the stranger, but till that day my photos will be of a person looking from the outside, in.


When the wheels on the bus do not go round and round


Workers trying to clear a water pipe burst


Cold stare, worker from a childcare preparing food


Many commuters, one bus.


The Space Between Us


Fishing in the lokang (drain), we dont have many places to fish. So some people resort to fishing in the drains to spend time




How long before i can retire
Many elderly people in Singapore work well beyond their retirement age. Why? Maybe the high standards of living..


Is there a world for me.