Ben & Xiu Min

The morning sun, white sands, a short photo shoot with a lot of fun. Was assisting Iriswave with equipment, managed to take some shots with the couple.






I would be at your service for casual shoots, couple, pre-wedding, family and also individual portraits. Looking forward to your enquiry. 🙂


Say I do. Chin Huei & Danqing ROM

“I do”, watching my cousin say I do was a very happy thing for me as I have known him for since I was born. He has always been someone that I felt I could talk to more like a friend than a relative. Being able to capture photos of their ROM and a small outdoor session after that. All the quiet moments amplify because I know all the people involved in this union. I believe that photos are timeless and relate to anyone and everyone, hope you enjoy these photos.


A Portrait of Myself

Okay. okay. Yes I got a spanking new camera, at a really cheap deal. Love this shot, just looking at the tones, the sharpness, the shadow details and also the subtle window light on my face. Oooo.. anyway its a Hasselblad 500C, 80mm planar. The camera really is a blend work of engineering and art. So much thought went into the camera and the end result is a camera that feels like it can be passed on to future generations. Did I mention it was made in the 1950s? Wow.

More photos here

Pee & Katie

My childhood friend and brother just got married on the 4th June 2011, really very happy for the couple, Peter and Katie. Was really excited when they asked if we Sparetyres (our cycling and chillax group) could take some casual photos with them. I gladly agreed to take photos.
Just so u know, we all love playing GT5 , we love cycling and each other’s company. 🙂

More photos here