Good morning Singapore

Good morning Singapore

Sunrise at Clementi, Singapore
This morning, when it was time for me to wake up from dreamland, I realised that our circuit breaker had tripped again with no way of flipping the affected switch up. The same thing happened a 1 month ago and we thought we had solved it. What a way to start a morning but I must that today’s sun is really beautiful and golden. Let’s look on the bright side of things, life is too short to be a worrier. YOLO. 🙂


Singapore F1

If you are wondering if I went to the F1 race this weekend..nahz I didn’t. Took some shots of the preparations for the F1. This weekend is really all about speed.

Contractors rushing to finish the preparations days ahead of the F1 race.

The F1 caused quite a bit of traffic congestions especially at the Marina Square carpark, many cars were stuck on the side road for close to an hour. When the photo was taken, the jam eased a little.

We Remember

10 years ago on 11th september I watched in horror as CNN broadcasted the World Trade Centre engulfed in flames. 10 years down the road, security has tightened everywhere but do we remember the images of that day or is it just another day on the calendar? For us, this period is a time of gathering, sharing moon cakes and playing with lanterns. This photo was taken on september 11th while having a Mid Autumn Festival gathering.

My thoughts about the Presidential Elections

The 1st time I get to vote for President. This elderly’s body language as the candidate speaks, reflect my feelings and emotions of this Presidential Election

Confusion – who do I feel fits the bill more?

4 candidates – so little to time to research and read up on them.

So much has been said of all the candidates across different platforms, but whose words can I trust?

Will things ever change? Talk is cheap.

A little late but. 🙂

A Portrait of Myself

Okay. okay. Yes I got a spanking new camera, at a really cheap deal. Love this shot, just looking at the tones, the sharpness, the shadow details and also the subtle window light on my face. Oooo.. anyway its a Hasselblad 500C, 80mm planar. The camera really is a blend work of engineering and art. So much thought went into the camera and the end result is a camera that feels like it can be passed on to future generations. Did I mention it was made in the 1950s? Wow.

More photos here

Enjoy the weekend!

How I wish that I could sipping some Moroccan Mint Tea right now, snapping photos around Mhd Sultan Road but.. I am down with a cold.

Many things happened while I was sound asleep yesterday from 5pm till this morning, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, tsunami warnings in various countries. When I woke up, my twitter was flooded with all kinds of reports. Do pray for Japan 🙂