Good morning Singapore

Good morning Singapore

Sunrise at Clementi, Singapore
This morning, when it was time for me to wake up from dreamland, I realised that our circuit breaker had tripped again with no way of flipping the affected switch up. The same thing happened a 1 month ago and we thought we had solved it. What a way to start a morning but I must that today’s sun is really beautiful and golden. Let’s look on the bright side of things, life is too short to be a worrier. YOLO. šŸ™‚


Patterns of old

I am inspired by the shapes and patterns I see around me. Also by comics and movies that I have seen. I realised I tend to like my black and whites fully in black and white, little room for gray. It’s similar to Frank Miller’s sin city comic and Daido Moriyama’s photos but of course I have a long way to go. Hope you like these 2 images.Ā 

These images are of a building in SingaporeĀ 

PSA A busy port

An overlay of several images showing how busy the port is even after office hours.

PSA International Pte Ltd, formerly Port of Singapore Authority is the largest port operator in the world.[2] The company’s flagship operations are PSA Singapore Terminals, PSA HNN and PSA Marine. In total, PSA operates 28 port projects in 16 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas, with a global capacity of 111 million TEUs over 66 km of quay length. – Wikipedia