The Elusive Singing Bone Hello Kitty

On wednesday evening, the craze on facebook was how the Hello kitties meant to be sold at 12midnight were already sold out at 11.30pm Wednesday. How was that possible? Well, people started queuing really early and the McDonalds’ staff give out vouchers for the hello kitty due to the limited number of plush toys in stock, so by the time we reached home, went down to try our luck. There was not even a slight possibility of getting the hello kitty in 3 outlets. Took this chance to take some photos of the craze that happens every 10 years when McDonalds decides to sell them. The Singing Bone Hello Kitty was the last one in the series so apologies to Eunice, looks like we cannot finish your collection. I think the staff handled the crowd really well, the queue just amazes me how can a plush toy garner so much attention? Enough attention that people are willing to sell at 50 dollars when it costs only 4.60 and probably a lot less to produce. Somethings are just beyond me. 🙂


The Singing Bone is the black one on the left corner .


Long queue outside McDonalds at Clementi


Resting for the craziness at Tradehub McDonalds


The snaking queue from the Mcdonalds all to the way to the bus stop and then to the next shopping mall, City Vibe.


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