World Cup Qualifier Singapore vs China 15th November 2011

My first ever coverage of an international sport event, thank you Bhas for giving me this opportunity.
I reached the stadium about 1 hour before the match and the crowd was amazing, cheering and shouting in support of their team . The stadium was painted red, everyone was in red. The supporters from China outnumbered the Singaporean supporters, which was interesting as China was already out of the running to qualify for the World Cup but their supporters still came out full force to support them so did their journalist. They were using the wi-fi to get the photos up on the net instantaneously as the match was going on. When the game started, China’s dominance was obvious and overwhelming. Many Singaporean passes were intercepted by China and their defense was strong. They had many chances at goal and in the end the score was 4-0.
Sad day for Singaporean soccer, but I felt they fought well. Kudos Lions!

Singaporean Fans

High energy Chinese Fans

Match starts

China’s No 21 shoots and scores!

Referee says its a goal

Singapore’s No: 9 Duric misses a clear shot at goal

Duric continues to be a threat, Singapore down by 2 goals

China No 15 Huang Bowen gets his marching orders after punching Singapore No 15 Fahrudin Mustafic after a tussle

China celebrates as No.2 Zheng Zheng scores the 3rd goal

Despair amounts as China scores its 3rd goal

Singapore’s Vice Coach V. Sundramoorthy answers reporters questions about the state of the National team

China PR’s coach J. Camacho Alfaro

More photos can be found on my Facebook or flickr


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