KTM – Last Hours

A chapter in the history of rail travel in Singapore closed on July 1, with the move by Malayan Railway (KTM) to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint, first opened in 1932. I wanted to show from this series, the pain and sadness of change. A change in environment, a letting go of the old and embracing the new.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Workers clearing out the canteen area. It was closed 2days before the actual closing ceremony.

A familiar sight when I was working at Aveune8 that will disappear in due time

Crowds of people gathered at the arrival area waiting for the train to come back

Once a familiar of work for many of the workers here, soon to be a distant memory

This uncle was just leaning at the railing for a long time, really wondered what was going through his mind


This man walked right up to the shutter, touched it gently, moved his hands around. Like he was trying to let go of his emotions

Uncle resting in front of what remains of the canteen. Just an empty space with a signboard

Workers selling souvenirs to commemorate this day

Chatted with this uncle for a long while, he is from Ipoh. Frequently travels via train back to his hometown. Proud to be from the same family tree as the Lees

One Last Dance

Saying their good byes

Singapura (Singapore in Malay) passengers boarding the train for the last few chances to take the train from Singapore

Good bye

Passenger coming back to Singapore, given the hero’s welcome.


Reluctant to leave

What will the next chapter of life be for these people.

More photos on flickr


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