Matthias Turns 1!

Sunday evening we were all gathered at Jurong Sports Hall to be part of Matthias’ 1st birthday party! Many church friends and relatives were present at the party. Matthias had been training for a while to blow out the candles on the cake, and it went pretty well. Here are some photos from the party. 🙂

Applause for the birthday boy!! 😉

The awesome birthday cake

Big baby
Big Baby

“Angry bird”

Tickled by “angry bird”

Happy Birthday Matthias!

Quiet moment with mummy

Practicing blowing the candle 🙂

Cupcakes galore

Yum yum, which one first?

Singing the birthday song in unison

Happy Birthday tooooo uuuuu…

Matthias’ many attempts to blow out the candle 🙂

Finally with mummy’s help

Daddy and son

Yum yum~

Matthias and grandpa

Toying with the cars from the cake



Where’s ur nose?

My balloons are flying away!!

Last cute Matthias photos for the road 🙂

One happy family, thanks for inviting us to all that fun 🙂

More photos can be found on my facebook


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