Timelapse Mount Faber

You see this often in movies, shows and on vimeo. Timelapse is a video made out of many many photos pieced together to form an interesting and unique perspective of somethings. If you don’t understand what I am saying, may the video below will help a bit. I have been researching and thinking about doing timelapse for a long time now that I own my own DSLR and remote and stuff, more and more timelapse projects will appear on my blog and vimeo. Hope you guys like it.

Time-lapse Project – Mount Faber from Liwei on Vimeo.

Done on iMovie, gotta get QuickTime pro. Contrast adjustments FCP

Shot on the 7d with tamron 17-50mm
sweet combination

Hobbies are things you like, not things u would dread doing. Just hope that my passion for photography or video is not because people like them but because I DO šŸ™‚


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