On the Zorki 4

Found a Zorki 4 resting on the top of Eunice’s shelf and decided to give it a go.. 1 day later after practicing the framing, focusing, trying to shoot on the right eye, learning about the camera and how to use it. I decided, it was time to give it a go. The experience was exciting, the camera had no meter so I had to use aga-ration and the sunny 16 rule for exposure. Pre-focusing the distance b4 putting the camera up to my eyes, but all that was worth effort. The photos all turnt out quite good. 🙂

Here are some:

Shot on Kodak Gold 400

The lens has a certain softness and glow to overexposure, and a yellowish cast. Quite interesting. Till I borrow a voigtlander or Leica, Zorki’s here to stay.


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